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We expect puppies!!! 
Aykendu & Narnia - Summer 2025

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at our  Beardie-Kennel "Shepherd calls".

Since 1996 we are into Bearded Collie training in all different kinds of dog sport. Our own dogs are trained in Agility, Obedience, Searching Tracks, Rescue-Dog, Racing-Dog, Breitensport & Flyball - most of them at the highest level.

Since 2005 our main focus is on the original work of the Beardie: 

sheep herding  

Because we have a concrete idea, what we want and expect in our georgeus breed, we have decided - after  long considering - do register a kennel of our own. To tell you the truth, we will have very seldom puppies -  only for our own need! Because we need the help of our Beardies doing our daily farm chores efficient.

For the other puppies we wish active people, who engage those intelligent dogs not only physically, but also mentally.



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Everybody who got in contact with our lovely, intelligent
  breed, is incurable infected with the "Beardie-Virus"

That's why nothing is as true as this saw: "Once a Beardie - always a Beardie!"




 We are Member of the ÖCBH, the Austrian Club of British Herding Dogs




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