15-05-1996 - 25-08-2011

with Kassie began our passion for Beardies. She is an absolutely amazing dog! No other dog in Austria could ever do so many examinations as Kass´. It does not matter if it comes to Agility, herding, rescue work, obedience... she did all together with me as a marvellous teamplayer! Kassie is extremely clever and strong minded, and as all our dogs she was never stubborn.

colour: black.

working examinations:

  • Herding: HWT-TS-1 / IHT-TS 1 / IHT-TS 2 / STDs (ASCA)
  • Agility: A-1 / A-2 / A-3.
  • Obedience: GH-1 / GH-2 / GH-3 / lower level: BGH-1 / BGH-2 / BGH-3
  • Beardie Working Test 1: Primary (done at the age of 14 years!!!).
  • Rescue-Dog: searching tracks "A" / searching in woods "A" / serching in ruins "A"
  • Tracking: FH-1 / FH-2 / FH-3
  • Racing-Dog: Level-1
  • Flyball
  • Breitensport

physical examinations:

  • MDR-1 +/+ (=free).


  • she is missing her teeth "P2"


Show Results:  

  • Vet-Champion.

litters:    none.
reason:  those days we did not think about breeding,
              furthermore she got a
uterus problem after one heat, aged 2.

...also at high age... ...a wonderful back-line!

Video clips:

Last Farewell

the last of the litter „K-2-Silbermine“ wanna say "good bye"

...a dog from the last millenium...

Lucy’s Kassie Black von der Silbermine

15-05-1996 – 25-08-2011 

Kassie was an exeptional Beardie – a dog who always knew exactly what to do! She has seen and done more than most other dogs - she was always with us traveled to France, England, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Kroatia,... she has seen half the world...

Also in dog sport she was extremely successful: she did not care if it was Obedience, Agility, searching tracks, rescue-dog work, sheep herding, greyhound-racing, Flyball... all of them she did very eager - could win a lot of competitions and has done 22 different kinds of examinations - think she will be record holder still for a while...

She saw our first litter grow up, and educated the puppies strict, but fair.

Kassie was also the „founder“ of sheep-herding in Austria. Though she only got the possibility to work the flock beginning aged 9 years, she was able to do her first ASCA trial only 2 months later, and 4 months later she got a 2nd place...

Because of Kassie and her passion of sheep herding we also changed our life completely, we sold our bungalow, and bought a little bit of land of our own, so she could spend her life as she wished to: like a real sheep-dog on a farm.

She was the perfect working dog: with a big will to please, strong nerves, and a good health - she had everything you could dream of! And she did everything meticulously and full concentrated.

I always wished - for her and for me - if  there should come her last day on earth, she should only collapse while sheep herding - she should not suffer, not go to the vet and endure some awful treatments - her last thought on earth should be a pleasant one: her beloved animals - and so she did!

Even those last big favour she did for me! Her passion nowadays - to week for sheep - where our bunnies - she has to watch them all the time - night and day, and if she was falling asleep, she slept next to them - and so I found her: peacefully asleep next to her beloved bunnies... ...her last thought and look on earth was not a vet, but at her bunnies!

Kassie had a long and fulfilled life - there was nothing more to add... so often she knew also this time how life is going on, and what is the best for all of us... ...and the most important: how to enjoy your life till to the last minute...

Kassie, you brought so much joy in our life, because of you we found also friends you thought us so much - you will always stay in our hearts we will never forget you!

A last "farewell", dear Kassie, keep on looking after your sheep, say "hallo" to our cat Jerry and play with all your dog friends who went first...

   That´ll do, Kass´!



Kassie´s 15th Birthday:

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