She was our first bitch we used in breeding, imported her from Sweden. She is bright and friendly and willing to do everything for her humans! Bella is also 100% thunder- and shot-proof - a thing which unfortunately you can not find too often in Beardies those days.

colour: blue.

working examinations:

  • Herding:
  • HWT (=Herding Working Test) +
  • TS 1 (Traditional Style 1)
  • TS-2 ("excellent")
  • TS-3 ("excellent")
  • Agility: A-1.
  • Obedience: Beardie Working Test:  1 Primary / 2  Junior / 3 Intermediate. (done at one weekend)
  • BH examination (obedience & character test) "excellent" best dog out of 36 competitors!
  • BGH-1 (obedience lower level)
  • Obedience-Beginners - mark "excellent"
  • Obedience "GH-1" - mark "good"

physical examinations:

  • HD-A (=free).
  • MDR-1: +/+ (=free).
  • Morbus Addison: free. (by the test done September 2010)


  • we know nothing about / nothing was dedected by now.



Bella's litters:

  • "A" - 14th June 2011: "click"
     9 puppies, 4 male & 5 female, colours black & brown.
  • "B"- 21st February 2013: "click"
    8 puppies, 5 male & 3 female, all black
  • "D"- 08th February 2016: "click"
    8 puppies, 3 male & 5 female, colours black & blue.

Video clips::

Show Results: 

Inspection of breeding approval: valid till 26-10-2012.

Because we love best to see our dogs playing outside, instead of standing in a show ring, we have only showed her a few times! 2x in IHA Tulln (Austria), 1x at a Special Beardie Show in Jihlava (Czech Republic) , 1x Special Beardie Show in Midshire (GB), 1x Clubshow in Judenburg (A). She got always the mark "V" (=excellent) - and a nice comment!

So we decided to to also the insprection of breeding approval with her (mental test & inspection) and passed also.

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