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May we introduce...

      Gerlinde KRACHLER     and     Claudia WACHTER



Due to the support of our husbands Herbert  & Wolfgang




we can enable our Beardies a nice, appropriate life at our sheep and llama farm:







We set a high value on a peaceful and harmonical live between all our animals and pets!

 ...a good socialization, a balanced temper as well as strong nerves
are basic conditions for all our dogs.


Gerlinde Krachler, born 30.9.1974...
...since 1996 I am busy with dog instructions, as well as studies about the social life and behavior. I am certificated trainer for: Rescue-Dogs, Agility, Puppy Socialization & Obedience. Till December 2009 I was an active trainer at the dog school "ÖGV-Felixdorf". Nowadays I spend together with my Beardies every free minute with our sheep and llamas.

own dogs:    Lucy´s Kassie Black v.d. Silbermine (Kassie)  15-05-1996 - 25-08-2011
                     Ulla Black Livie´s v.d. Silbermine (Jula)

Claudia Wachter, born: 15.7.1971...
...for many years I am also active at dog sports. 2008 - after a short time of waiting - I got the chance to get my Beardie bitch Vallarens Ulla Bella (Bella). Because since 2007 I help Gerlinde at her farm with the sheep, it was quite plain to me, that I need a dog from a herding line. Bella has met all my expectations, partly she has exceed them! She is not only a reliable herding dog, but also great in obedience and agility! Through selective mating we look forward to find in the next generation her good talents/ character - or maybe we can even improve?!?!? From her first litter I kept
Shepherd Calls Away April a very handsome black bitch, with strong nerves and full of life! I hope she continues this way and will support our breeding programm one time!

own dogs:    Vallarens Ulla Bella
                     Shepherd Calls Away April
                     and ROBBIE, a rescued Golden Retriver-St.Bernhards mix - a good pal to our Beardies



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