Rescue Work.

Is very interesting and had a wide range. Our dogs are trained in woods, ruins and on tracks. To demonstrate that the dog is still "serviceable" we had to do a yearly test. At this test you have not only to find people, but also do obedience with shootings, and show how agile and deftly the dog is.

For 7 years we trained twice a week - the whole Saturday searching, and on Wednesday afternoon obedience. It was a time I love to remember. 

JULA - finds "her victim" and starts barking.


KASSIE - here - together with other dogs - on a "chain-search". Of course it is possible, that two dogs find a victim at the same time. The dogs are not allowed to get abstracted from the other dog - both of them have to bark - and they do!


KASSIE: Her favourit task was the ladder -
here the long jump (1,50 m) standing jump: no problem.


KASSIE: for many years she did uncountable presentations - and she loved it!


Unfortunately since we have our own farm we have not enough time anymore for the training. So we had to stop short befor Jula´s first examination. It is a pity, because Jula was a very reliable searcher.

Bearded Collies are suited well for the rescue dog work, because the are clever and smart, have a good nose, love to run and to bark  , and work together with humans. Only the shootings were always a kind of problem for Jula & Kassie - only Bella is completely shoot prove! 

Our girls loved presentations very much - and always worked as serious as they would in a case of emergency.

For everybody who looks for a serious activity with his Beardie, has already found the right  thing!  


Passed Examinations of our Dogs:

  • Kassie:   Ruins-1 / Woods-1 / Tracks-1. 



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