Shaggy. Die Foto wurden im Alter von 6 Jahren aufgenommen 

Shaggy. Photos where taken in the age of 6 years!


  • BH (obedience and social test)
  • BGH-1 (heelwork, class 1)

physical examinations:

  • HD-A  (free)
  • ED: 0 / 0 (free)
  • CEA clear (free)

Gen-defects or others: 

  • none dedected



  • pls. scroll to the bottom of this page G-2  Zwischenklasse, IHA Wels. Richter: Ingrid Hectors (BEL)

photos age of 2 years

photos age of 3 years


21 months old, needs more show-training. Dog was not presented in the right show-manner.                         Good head, good stop, brown eyes, good ears, good neck- and topline, good tail, good angulation back and front legs, good movement, tail carried a bit high, good character.

21 months old, very youthful looking male, head and body should develope further. Good neck and top-line, correct angulation, correct bone strenght, today not in good hair-condition, movment from behind to close, needs more time, self-confident character.

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