Fame Black Girl vom Worblinger Hard





This cutie was not really planned - all the happier we are, that she ended up in our family and enriched our little pack so much with her charm and her great workability! 

Why she is with us, you can read at the bottom of this page, in the article "Love Crabwise" - a very emotional time for me!

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    •  ÖPO - BH (= companion dog - age 12 months & 6 days)
    •  BGH-1 ("very good", age 14 months!!!) 
    •  BGH-2 ("very good", age 20 months!!!)
    •  BGH-3 ("gut" age 25 months!!!)
    •  Obedience Beginner ("excellent" age 19 months!!!)
    •  Obedience 1 ("excellent" age 21 months!!!)

  • HERDING : 
    • NHAT =  Instincttest (12 months, mark "excellent")
    • HWT  ("very good", age 12 1/2 months)
    • TS-1  
  • Dog Dance & JAD (= Jump and Dance): 
    • Freestyle-1



Health Tests: 

  • CEA-n/n



  • 1x excellent 
  • 1x very good


Love Crabwise.

If I am impulsive? Definitely! If I can plan things? Obviously definitely NOT! If I am curious, that everything went as it did, though all my friends predicted me, that it will? Hmmm - maybe yes, maybe not - but decided yourself...

As my friend in Slovenia told me, that she will get a Beardie puppy from Germany, I felt soooo happy for her, looked up all the photos and could not wait, that she will pick up the little black beauty! 

Suddenly - course of Corona - there was a very strict lockdown in Slovenia, she could not go to Germany, so I offered to pick her up and keep her for 2 or 3 weeks, till she can cross her border again! 

In an instant Aykendu (who is only 6 weeks older than her) fell for her! And honestly Narnia gave from the first moment her best that I fell for her, too! 

She was such an happy, playful puppy - I watched them play for hours, took her to the sheep and did some little Dog-Dance tricks with her - and my guilty conscience grew from day to day - how can I split the two of them? How can I close my heart so tight and let her go? 

Well, what can I say - the borders did not open - first my friend planned to pick Narnia up before Christmas, than inbetween Christmas and New Year, than in Jannuary... While she has to postpone it all time, I said - for fun - if she is 6 months old, I won't let her go. 

Than came the 4th of April - the day Narnia was 6 months old! She was still with us! And she will stay - Forever!!! I am sooo happy. I could cry of joy, if I see them every single day, play and cuddle together - and only the circumstance of a very long lockdown made it possible that the two of them can live together - of course they had no idea, how close they had been to be seperated - so who would have thought that Corona could to also great things happen!

Happy End.

Gerlinde Krachler

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