The Breeder is responsible!!!

Basics for a happy and fearless life has to be grounded during the puppy-age! That means the breeder is in demand!!!


Good Health, strong Character & great Sozialization!!!

One can trust that all breeders at the Austrian Club ÖCBH breed only with healthy Beardies, and so they try to enable their offsprings a long, healthy and happy live.

Furthermore we have some additional interests!

Only dogs with a good, strong character can go into our breeding programm. A dog who is afraid of noise (shooting, thunder,...) or anything else, is not going to make our own high standards - even if he was used from other breeders before!

It's the same with dogs who are anxious or even aggresiv against human or other animals! This is a non-tolerable behaviour, is bad for our breed and therefore such an animal can not be accepted as a sire/breeding animal!

It is very important for us to save the funny, nice and easygoing temperament in our Beardies. They should be able to work with brain and have a good, strong constitution!!! 

But on the other hand it is just as important to calm down when there is nothing to do! Nobody need a nervous, hectic dog at home, but want a great cuddly friend - and I think the following photos show exactly what we mean!

It does not matter how activ our dogs are outside - as soon as the work/action is finished,
the calm down immediately and that we appreciate a lot!!!

It does not matter if there are other dogs...                                                             







...foreign species...                     

...or their beloved human...










Long and recreative periods are not only necessary for us human, but also for the healthiness of our dogs!


Great Socialization is an abolute MUST!!!

Especially in our modern society a great socialization is an absolute must! Therefore we show our puppies many things which are useful for their further lifes! it many humans, including children of course...

...driving/riding by car, bus, subway...

...walking on noisy streets, visiting a coffee-house or going to a petfood-store,...

...showing them different kind of animals...

- and much more - shall prepare the little ones for a fearless, happy life! 


Because only fearless you & your dog can really enjoy the life! 

If the dog lives in permanent stress - and you think hopefully there is no shooting noise, thunderstorm, misfire, fireworks, other people, dogs, animals, or what ever, because you know your dog is afraid of, pinches his tail, or even worse, he runs away, you can not enjoy your daily walk!

In this spirit we give our little ones the best possibility for a great life!



Be what they want to be!

Last but not least: Our dogs are allowed to be dogs!!!

We don´t care for a nice show-coat - our dogs are allowed to jump into muddy poodles, roll around, go for a swim, run through the woods - when ever they like - because a dog can never ever live a happy life, if he is not allowed to be a dog anymore!

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