Sheep herding.

We want to present the most interesting work for our Beardies:  sheep herding.

BELLA - shows a controlled, nice work. She can move the shep without stressing them!

KASSIE - has a big distance to her flock, she has very strong nerves and shows a bit of eye.

Beardies - Dogs with Style!!!

Kassie     /            Bella

Kassie                                                /                                              Jula

BELLA - also at the age of one year fully concentrated /  JULA - you can always rely on her!

JULA - keeps a good speed and can work for hours. She is strong minded, but also soft enough to work with ewes and their little lambs!


JULA - if it is necessary to collect the flock, she is very fast - but without stressing the sheep!


 Passed Examinations & competitions of our dogs:

  • BELLA:   
    Instinct Test: Czech Republic, HWT, IHT-1, Frenche-Style 1+2, Farmer-Trials.
  • KASSIE: 
    Instinct Test: Czech Rep. & Hungary, HWT, IHT-1+2, Frenche-Style 1+2+3, StdS, AKC-1, Farmer-Trials.
  • JULA:     
    Instinct Test: Czech Rep. & Hungary, HWT, IHT-1+2+3, Frenche-Style 1+2+3, AKC-1, Farmer-Trials.


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