Whereon you should pay attention

when you buy a puppy...

  • surly you have heard somebody talking about "modern" and "old-fashioned" Beardie-Typ. In our opinion it is a matter of tast, if you buy a dog with a to long and soft coat, which needs a lot of brushing, or if you chose a dog with a shorter, good quality coat. We definietaly prefere a dog with a short coat, because we think you can do more interesting things with your dogs as brushing all the time!
  • The Bearded Collie loves his family and want to do everything together with his humans! Therefore we also advice against buying a dog from a breeder where the dogs are not allowed to live in the family (have to stay in kennels), or who are not allowed to spend their freetime togehter with them!
  • For us it is self-evident, that only good sozialised, fearless dogs with a stable character can be part of our breeding programm. Because nobody takes much pleasure in a dog who is fearful and afraid of everything! And people who say that it is typical for the breed "Bearded Collie" to be anxious and noise sensitive, we have to tell, that this is a complete nonsens, and comes only by wrong breeding / wrong selection of important things you want to have in a dog!

Our Conclusion:

The breeding goal can only be 

health and a good, fearless caracter / temperament

but never ever an "ideal of beauty"

which was preconcived by a few people


The Beardie has to be as he was,

and as we love him:

a lovable clown, intelligent, playful, sportive,

cuddly, uncomplicated, and

free of genetic diseases!

He should never become a dull, fancy "trendy breed"


For more information please don´t hesitate to contact uns

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