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10th & 11th of December 2016: International Dog Show Wels


  • Exc.-1 - Youth Class IHA Wels, Title: Best Young Dog. Judge: : Elisabeth Ertl (AT)  --> Judge result, both days
  • Exc.-1 - Youth Class IHA Wels, Title: Best Young Dog. Judge: Dr. Sinisa Cujan (HR)


  • Exc.-2 - Youth Class IHA Wels. Judge: Elisabeth Ertl (AT)   --> Judge result, both days
  • Exc.-2 - Youth Class IHA Wels. Judge: Dr. Sinisa Cujan (HR)

December, 2016

Competition for young Dogs at  ÖRV Wöllersdorf
It was a nice competition, 8 completely different tasks to manage, obedience, going over unsteady obstacles, sitting and going through a group of humans, going in slalom between dogs, drumms and rattling sounds and so on!

But Summer & Peaches did a great job in all of the tasks, and so the result was as following:

  • Peaches1st place    -   96 points
  • Summer  - 2nd  place  -   92 points

We are very proud of our brave and eager girls!

Stunning!!! This video from Jasmin and her two stars:

                                 Eliot & Elsa

...thanks goes also to Ria Rutzker from http://www.rp-photography.at for making this great shots!

End of a great season - look up Dexter´s successes over here!!!

Well, his full name is Shepherd Calls Brilliant Dexter and mentioning his latest news, I can only say, he has done BRILLIANT!!!

BGH-1 (= obedience) examination: 94 points (very goold)

1st BGH-1 competiton              95 points (very good)  -  1st place  !!!

2nd BGH-1 competiton             97 points (excellent)    - 1st place  !!!

National Championship Styria  98 points (excellent)    - 2nd place  !!!

That´s really amazing - we are so proud of you and hope you can continue this great successes also in 2017!!!


Little Elsa - big Model
Elsa is absolutely great when it comes to photo shooting. To pose for her Mom Jasmin seems to come so natural to her. Thanks for all those great photos - it ´s such a pleasure to look at them!

A few impressions of our 2-day Hiking Tour 2016!

We were lucky with the weather, so we decided to start a little further down the mountain - we don´t need the car for the step part, instead start in the valley. Well, yes, everybody made it - at least - and so we made our first break at the Alois Günther hut - and of course a photo at the summit cross.
After that a great long plateau walk was in front of us. At the end of the high plateau was our final aim Rosegger-Hut. We were a little late - who cares of a few hours delay, as long as our dogs had so much fun running around and playing with each other - and there were really many hours of running and playing...
...somebody told me, there was a beautiful sunrise - and in case I would not believe it, they made some photos to show me, because I am more into sundowns instead of sunrises... 
After a fast breakfast we headed back. Rain was going to come - but we were lucky again and reached the cars nearly completely try!

Thanks for coming and made this weekend so special - I am looking forward to our adventures 2017!


We were so proud and happy, that so many of you will come to our SC-fall-event!!! But the owner of the hut was not so happy about!!! Suddenly he told us, so many dogs (17!) are not allowed to come!
So we tried to find another location and managed it! Well, the mountain is different now - but I am pretty sure, that we will have a great time nevertheless!
Furthermore we decidid to do our annual photoshooting for our Shepherd Calls calendar over there, because we will likely never get so much dogs togehter later!

Can´t wait to see all of you!




































September, 2016

The one who can deal with everybody!!! 

Well, she is doing great - no more words for that, because Drift can handle really everything!!!  It does not matter if there are sheep, cows or ducks - our brave young Lady proves with confidence that she can manage it !!! 

Well, I have to admit, that we are very proud - and curious about her  future!         

September, 2016

 You can´t stop her!!!

Wow - what a great job!  Lida earned her first leg in Rally Obedience and won her class!

We are soooo proud of you - keep going ot this great work!!!

August 2016

Grat successes for Bella & April!


Rally Obedience class 1 in Münchendorf:   82 points mark  "very good" 

Beardie Working Test in Jihlava, Richterin Mrs. King (GB):

  • Highest Level - Senior Test: 94 points (out of 100)!!!
Obedience: 191,5 points, 5th place.
Beardie Working Test in Jihlava, judge: Mrs. King (GB) - she did three classes - and finished all of them with "excellent"!
  • Primary Test : 97 points
  • Junior Test: 99 points
  • Intermediate Test: 96 points
Beardie Working Test in Beckum, Germany, judge: Ch. Grosser (DE) - highest level: also mark "excellent"!
  • Senior Test: 96 points

We are very proud of our great girls!

August 2016

I am stunned - little Elsa with her Puppy Class Graduation Video!!!

Absolutely great what she is already able to do! So pls vote for her below!

Big congratulation to Elsa and her Mom & teacher Jasmin!!!

BITTE hier für das Video voten!!!

July 2016

Beardie Working Test, Jihlava / Czech Republic

Big Congratiulation to Bella & April - our succesful girls at the Beardie Working Test in Jihlava!!!

Bella was the only one who was able to start in the highest class (4) and finished her work with 94 out of 100 points!!!

April did the examination levels 1-3 - all of them really, really great: 97, 99, 96 points!
There where 12 starters only April and another dog were able to finish three classes in a row!

                                                               We are so proud of our giftet girls!

Thanks goes also to the organisation - who was done, as always, great! And to our judge Mrs. Frances Chapman-King/UK who judged every dog fair and in the same manner.

[unfortunately we have no pictures - those were done at another competition!]

June 2016

Unser mutige Drift am Hütcamp               Brave Drift!!!

Drift doing very well at the cow- and sheepherding camp!

June 2016

Our annual SC-trip: animal world Herberstein!

...we had a good time together with our Beardies at the animal world in Herberstein!

June 2016

Prepared for the summer to come!!!

 Well, if you live at the seaside it is a must to do some watersport! Sky starts his stand-up-paddling carrier!


April 2016

Sportive Event for our Racing-Beardie-Team.

Thanks goes to Petra Loibner, who organized everything and send us this great photos!  

   Shepherd Calls Down Peaches / Ulla Black Livie´s v.d. Silbermine / Shepherd Calls Brilliant Barney / Shepherd Calls Away Maja.

Jula. Winner of the Oldie-class, only less then 0.5 sec. behind the starters from the "open class"!

Barney. Running like hell! 2nd place - time: 7.62 sek. 

Maja. Full steam ahead! 1st place - time: 7.43 Sek.

Peaches. Approx. 15 sekunds later she is also over the finish line! Little time out for the photographer! Of course!

Little Break.

Award Ceremony.

April 2016

Our new whole 'Shepherd Calls' Family!!!!

April 2016

Our Agility Star!!! 

We are so proud ouf our pretty girl Lida!

She was able to finish her titles: Novice Agility Jumper (NA), Novice Jumps with Weaves (NAJ) and Novice Fast (NF)!

Furthermore she got her herding instinct certificate (HIC)!

Please keep on doing this great work! The two of you are such a great team and it is always a pleasure to hear from your great successes!!!

March 2016

6th week

1st walk in the woods, next to the shooting range.

The puppies had so much fun in their new environment -

 none of them showed any signs of beeing gun-shy!

 6th week

Happy Easter, wishes your Shepherd-Calls Family!

Feburary 2016

What an exciting day - Bella´s pups were delivered...

more puppy news: "here"

...expect to have more photos online tomorrow!!!

Feburary 2016

Mama = OMA!!!

Just received again some great news!!! Bella will not only get Mom, but also Grandma for the 3rd time!!!

Another of our girls - this time Shepherd Calls Brilliant SLY will give birth for the 1st time!!!

She will be the founder of the German Beardie Kennel "Jingle-Jangle-Brilliant"!!!

Congratulations - we are so happy!!!

Feburary 2016

While the waiting for the Babies is nearly done...

...Bella's daughter April has shown a great performance at Obedience, class 2! Again she got he mark "excellent"

Feburary 2016

Who is Shepherd Calls Down Emily?

...we can not answer this question yet, because there are still a few days left till Bella will give birth to her babies. But what we already know is, that she will going to live at a great home, with a family who loves her deeply and has her "nursery-room" already done. Also her cuddle toy Pluto is waiting for her and longing for some snuggling moments, because the basket is much to big for him alone!

Jannuary, 2016

Winter all over the world!!!

...in less than 2 weeks we expect the birth of our litter "D"

But at the moment, Bella has much more fun to run with the other Beardies and enjoy the snow!

Rosa. April. Bella. Jula.


Jannuary 2016

Yippie!!! Bella is pregnant!!!

We are so happy to announce, that we will get sweet Beardie-puppies from Bella around 07th of February 2016!!!

We hope also this time will work everything out just fine!

sampel photo

Our 1. Shepherd Calls & Friends meeting 2016!!!


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