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December, 2018

Weihnachtsparty!!!                                               End of the Season!!!

Gestern hatten wir unsere Weihnachtsfeier,              Yesterday we had our Christmas party and our last
und unseren letzten internen Auftritt.                        little performance for this year


Dezember 2018

Peaches - JAD School of Vienna, project 2018 "Christmas with Friends"

Funny project of our JAD School for finishing the year 2018:

Miniatur Schnauzer Lacky invites all his friends for a X-Mas Party!
They decorate the christmas tree together and have a lot of fun!

November 2018

So proud of our 'Shepherd Calls Down Peaches'

She did her heelwork examination BGH-2 - got 96 points mark "excellent"
That means that Peaches and another dog had the most points of the day!

November 2018

Great Herding Successes of our SC´s!                  

TS 3:

  • Vallarens Ulla Bella                         90 points / mark "excellent"  -  no more points were given at this day!
  • Shepherd Calls Down Peaches       90 points / mark "excellent"  
  • Shepherd Calls Away April              85 points / mark "very good"

NHAT - Instinct Test:

  • Shepherd Calls Brilliant Barbarix:   positiv

Bella is doing a great job.

Peaches watches her sheep in full concentration.

November 2018

Absolultely Girl Power!!!

Only 8 months old - and such a great performance at Dog-Dance!

We are deeply impressed about all the tricks she is already capable to do and love her calm and focused work!

Therefore we are so curious about all the future video clips to come!

November 2018

4 Sisters at the Herding Training in Hungary!

4 more Shepherd Calls girls had a great herding day in Hungary:

April, Emily, Summer & Peaches worked eager and with full concentration - a short video clip of our four girls you can find below:

November 2018

Lipton´s 1st herding exercise!

Our cute "Shepherd Calls Excellent Lipton" is not only going to be an excellent Dog-Dancer, but she is also very keen on herding sheep! So her name fits her so well - and we are so proud of her!

And also Bentley got started, too!

While Lipton was herding in Hungary, Bentley did it at the same day, but in the States!!! But one is for sure: All had a good time! We are so proud of all of you! And also say thanks to Terry - a guy I am really so thankful to got the opportunity of meeting him!

Bild könnte enthalten: 3 Personen, einschließlich Terry Workman und Sue Williams, Personen, die lachen, Personen, die stehen

October 2018

Halloween-competition!!!  ÖRV HSV Wöllersdorf!!!                                        

We love funny events, therefore we where happy to hear, that dog school ÖRV HSV Wöllersdorf also this year did something funny!!! They decided to to a Halloween-Obedience event, and we decided to be part of it!!! And our girls did a great job:  

April   -  Rally Obedience Class  2  - 97 Punkten, mark "Excellent" - highest score of the day!!!

Bella   -  Rally Obedience Class  2  - 97 Punkten, mark "Excellent"

So both girls have qualified to start in the highest Rally obedience class!!!

Peaches BGH-1 - 93 Punkten, mark "very good"

Bild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, Personen, die lachen, im Freien

October 2018

One of the rare moments - we have been at a dog show!!! 

Yes, we do not often have news about a dog show, but this time we gave it a try!

Clubshow / ÖCBH at Traiskirchen - Judge: Mrs. Sylvia Schaffer (AT)


  • Samson -   "very promising"
  • Luna      -   "very promising"

Females, open class (3)

  • Peaches  -  "very good - 1"
  • Summer   -  "very good - 2"


'Excellent built female, good head, correct top line, good angulation, good stand, hair quality is excellent, but a bit to short, fast movement.'                                                                             

Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person, Gras, im Freien und Natur


"2 1/2 year old, well built female, head could be a bit bigger, good top line, good angulation, good stand, coat to soft, calm nature, fast movement."                                                                             

Bild könnte enthalten: Gras, im Freien und Natur


"8 months old, female, colour fawn, nice head, eyes and nose fits to the colour of the coat, one P1 is missing, back a little bit high, good angulation."

Bild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, im Freien


"Well built 8 months old male, good head, correct teeth, eyes a bit to light in colour, nose not completely coloured yet, good top line, very good breast, good stand, friendly character, tail carried to high."

 Kein automatischer Alternativtext verfügbar.Kein automatischer Alternativtext verfügbar.

October 2018

Ziggy - "Shepherd Calls Excellent Ziggy" - has the right name!!!

No wonder, that he is smiling!!! Ziggy has done this examination with "EXCELLENT" - well done - we are so proud of our young cute boy!

October 2018

Herding-Moments in Hungary

Togehter with our girls April, Emily, Summer and Peaches we had a great time at the herding training in Hungary:


Shepherd Calls Down Yoda Blue - 1st race - perfectly done!!!

Already at the first race Yoda has  two excellent runs 32:04 and 32:01 seconds - and got the 1st place!!!

Oktober 2018

Lovely Success for many Shepherd Calls Family members this weekend! 

That was an incredible day for our Beardies:

While Shepherd Calls Down Yoda Blue got his Racing License for Greyhounds at Marchett, our girls did a lovely job at the Alfred-Hauer-Remembering-Tournament at ÖGV Münchendorf!

Rally Obedience Class 2:

2nd - Vallarens Ulla Bella            (96 points - "excellent")

5th- Shepherd Calls Away April  (77 points - "good")

Obedience class 1:

1st - Shepherd Calls Down Peaches          (269 points - "excellent")

2nd - Shepherd Calls Down Blue Summer (259 points - "excellent")


Yoda is now allowed to start at any official dog race, as long "Friends-of-Greyhounds" are allowed to take part.

Cause of the mark "excellent" our girls have qualified for the next higher level in Obedience!!!

Judge: Gerlinde Österreicher (AT) & Johann Kurzbauer (AT)

Bild könnte enthalten: Hund und im Freien

Bild könnte enthalten: im Freien und Natur

Bild könnte enthalten: eine oder mehrere Personen, Personen, die stehen, Hund, Himmel, Schuhe, im Freien und NaturBild könnte enthalten: 4 Personen, einschließlich Claudia Wachter und Gerlinde Krachler, Personen, die lachen, Personen, die stehen, Kind, Himmel und im Freien

September 2018

What a great Success for DRIFT!!!

We are so happy to announce the latest news of Drift!  The Bearded Collie Club of Canada gave her the title

Highest Total Points Level Herding Started for 2017

We are so proud of this wonderful team!!! Please keep up this incredible work!

September 2018

Our annual Shepherd Calls Family get-together!!! 

We were so lucky -  a warm autumn day, - 21 Beardies took part, 19 out of them where Shepherd Calls Beardies!

We strolled around, through the fields and a small brook nahmen and reached approx. 1 1/2 hour later a cider tavern with a lovely garden where we were wellcomed and fed well also. 

We were so happy, that so many of our doggies and their "parents" came to visit us - and we are looking forward to see you all - and maybe even more - next year! 

July 2018

Shepherd Calls Down ELSA - Jupm * Fly * Landing!!!

...also in Austria there is a tough training for Water-Long-Jumps...  

June 2018

Greetings from "Shepherd Calls Come By Drift" from Canada!!!

That´s going to be a summer full of fun and action for our Beardies in Canada!!!

June 2018

Congrats to "Shepherd Calls Brilliant Light - LIDA" and her son Hadrian

Fantastic News from Lida and her son Hadrian!!!

Lida earned her Intermediate "Trick Dog" title and Hadrian the Novice title!!!

We are very proud of our great girl and her talented offspring!

Judge: Christine Tilburg, US.

June 2018

What is Peaches doing at a Briard Trial?

There was a herding trial in Hungary, for the breed "Berger de Brie" only. And because Peaches is a Bearded Collie, she was
not allowed to show up in the final results, but allowed to take part - and she had the highest score from all competitors!!!


 IHT-TS- 3 -   87 Punkte
 the two best Briards got: 80 and 72 points!

Bild könnte enthalten: Baum, Gras, Himmel, im Freien und Natur

June 2018

Big Congrats to SKY!!!

Well, that´s abolutely no wonder, that Sky has managed to pass the BH examination with those wonderful amazing heelwork!

We are so proud of both of you!!!

June 2018

News from Canada.

We got this pictures from Canada. Drift impressed with her herding ability. Trainer Deb Conroy (US) said, that she is the best Bearded Collie she has ever seen in her 40 years trainer carreer. We are soooo proud of both of you! And furthermore got the best feedback, that we are on the right way of our breeder´s goal!

May 2018


Our little Lipton, only 3 months old, and her first dog-dance moves: UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I am so happy and can not wait to see more from the 2 of you - and do some trainings together also!!!

 You will archieve so much with her - I am so proud of you!

May 2018

Our Herding Beardies did their job!

We are proud to announce, that our Herding Beardies did a great job at the Herding Trial this weekend:

Shepherd Calls Down Emily
did her first two herding examinations: 

  •  Instinict-Test (NHAT)
  •  HWT - Herding Working Test

her sister,

Shepherd Calls Down Peaches
starts at the age of only  27 months in the highest herding class, TS-3 and got amazing results:

  • 1st day:   TS-3         96 out of 100 points:   1st (out of 6 competitors)
  • 2nd day:  TS-3         93 out of 100 points:   2nd (out of 5 competitors)

She got also the prize for the best Bearded Collie and got the title Titel "Pentecost-Herding-Champion 2018", for the best herding dogs of all competing breeds!

We are so proud ouf our talented girls!

May 2018

April - 1st start at Rally Obedience Beginners.

Baby-breake is over - and April did a great performance at "Rally Obedience - Beginners":  
It was her very first start and she managed a super run:

95 points - 8th palce (out of 26 competitors!)

May 2018

Peaches at the herding clinic with
Synve Lundgren & Johannes Weber.                        

I am working hard in giving only verbal commands instead of confusing hand signals. And figured out, that it is veryhard for me, not to fall back into old patterns!

April 2018

Family photo.

It was a nice accident that we got a visit from one of each of our litters! 

A = Aislinn (5)  / B = Barbarix (4) / C = Sam (3) / D = Emily (2) / E = Luna  (1) / Bella = mom/granny of them all! (6)

April 2018

...only one week after: Again a great success for Dexter & Peaches!!!

Also this time our two Beardies showed what they are capable to do! At the 1st Burgenland-Cup /  SVÖ Lafnitztal both of them reached the 1st place!!!

Judge: Mr. H. Arbeiter (AT).

  • PEACHES:   BGH-1   -   95 Punkte  / 1st 
  • DEXTER:     BGH-2   -    89 Punkte  / 1st

April 2018

Peaches doing Boundary Work.

First I told her what to do - suddenly, after a couple of minutes she figured it out by herself!

April 2018

Great Sunday for our competing Beardies!!!

4 of our Beardies were shown on 2 different competitons and had great sucesses: 

At the Benefiz-Competition at ÖRV Wöllersdorf.

  • PEACHES:   BGH-1   -   99 points  / 1st  (out of 13 competitors)
  • DEXTER:     BGH-2   -   73 points  / 3rd

First start at a examination for:

  • Summer:    OB-Beginners   -    256 points / "excellent" 
  • Bella:          Rally-Obedience 2 -  91 Punkte / "excellent" 

So all of our dogs have the permission to go up in the next higher level!

We are so proud of our great Beardie-Family!

Bild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, Personen, die lachen, Personen auf einer Bühne, Personen, die stehen, Schuhe und im Freien

April 2018

Hurra - our medical test-results are back!!!

Our 3-D´s  "Shaggy, Summer & Peaches" have not only gotten the necessary results in the show-ring, but also done their medical tests: 


  • HD-A (free)
  • ED 0/0 (free)
  • CEA clear (free)


  • HD-A (free)
  • ED 0/0 (free)
  • CEA clear (free)


  • HD-B
  • ED 0/0 (free)
  • CEA clear (free)

Additionally Shaggy & Summer did the MDR-1 Gentest - both of them are (as expected because of the ancestors) +/+ (free).

Shaggy  has the permissionto be a stud dog now!

April, 2018

Hi, our names are Santa & Teufelchen - and we are still look out for you!!!

Who is willing to give this active and confident little boys a home for his lifetime?

March 2018

Happy Eastern wishes Your Shepherd Calls Family!

March 2018

An eventful week for our Puppies!!!

It was an very exciting week for our puppies! While last week they learned the (very!) basics in walking on leash in the street of our neighborhood - this week they had the first 2 big excursions:

Shooting Range

There is a big Shooting Range close to us. It is middle in the woods. So all our puppies learn at this way, shooting means nothing! Only: Running around and have fun!

Next week we will repeat this lesson again!

Puppy Playground

For the first time in their life, they have seen the puppy playground. It was closed for the public, only our dogs where allowed to enter this day! So they had a lot of new experience, seen, smelling things - and many things to explore!

What´s planned next?

  • Trip to Vienna, riding on the Tube, going into a coffee
  • visiting our local Pet-Store

When our puppies leave, they are well prepared for the new, big world out there! We try to show and teach them as much as possible, that, when they go out there, they will easily get along with new situations.

Still two fawn boys are looking for the home of their life. If you wanna have an active and faithful friend for many a years, pls. contact us

March 2018

Hooray - our first snow!!!

March 2018

The pups are now 4 weeks old and looking forward to play with some visitors!

Bild könnte enthalten: Hund

Bild könnte enthalten: HundBild könnte enthalten: Hund und Hut

Februar 2018

Happy Beardies!

The Babies are already 3 weeks old!!! More information here "PUPPIES / Litter "E"

 1st February 2018

April got her Babies!!!!

April did a great job - 8 healty puppies where born! 

  • 5 Boys (2 fawn, 2 blue, 1 brown) and
  • 3 Girls (1 fawn, 2 brown)

we keep you informed!

14th of Jannuary 2018

Smiling April: 2 more weeks to go - some pregnancy sport untill than!

2nd of Jannuary 2018

"We" are pregnant - April's puppies will be delivered End of Jannuary!!!

We drove over 1.000 km to meet April´s "new boyfriend" Nessiebluebell Blair Fawn "Finn"  -  and it was love at first sight!
The vet has already confirmed that April is pregnant - now we have to wait how many puppies will be born!

We keep you informed!!!


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