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November 2010:

Bella got the 3rd place at the trial in Harskút, Hungary. Class 3, Categorie: French Style

Photo: Training at home, Jannuary 2011



Some more successes...

26th of October 2010

Well done! Because our Bella always got the mark "excellent" at dog shows we decided to try the KÖRUNG (Inspection for breeding approval) with her! It is a mental test, as well as an "inspection" of the dogs. It's written down all advantages and disadvantages of the dogs and whereon you should look out by a breeding partner. Bella passed the mental test superbly and got her diploma for 2 years. So our sweety has proven once more, that she is not only a very good working dog, but also beautiful!!!

click HERE to read Bella´s judgement

Congratulation also to Merlin (the planned father of our A-litter) - he also did it well!!!


17th of October 2010:

Bella was able to do the lower obedience class: BGH-1


10th of October 2010:

Bella & Merlin passed the FCI-Herding-examination: HWT

(=Herding Working Test)


26th of September 2010:

Bella got once again the mark "V" = excellent -

on the internationalen Dogshow in Tulln (V-2 out of 2)


Merlin during his HWT-examination - he got the mark "very good"


We are back!!!

from the Czech-Republic-Herding-Championship!!!

JULA took part at Traditional Style class 3, and could win!

She got the mark "excellent" 129 (out of 150 points) that was enough for the

1st place!!!

And if she has deserved the win, you could 

See HERE --> Jula´s Run - Tschechische Staatsmeisterschaft 

...and here you can find a few of the other active Austrian Herding Beardies:

Jula, Othello & Erin - our Herding Beardies abroad



...we have done a lot...


in July we had our 6-day-herding-camp, and a Trial. Trainer and Richter was Mr. Terry Workman (USA). Not only Beardies from   Austria, but also from Germany, Belgium, France and Finland came to us. It was great to see so many Beardies at work!


You can find more photos if you go to the page of Diana & Jojo click, to the Working Beardies Germany  WBCG: click, or to Achim & Annie: click

Thank you Terry, we have learned a lot from you!!!


Short after we drove to England -

we showed BELLA at a dog-show. 7 bitches were entered and she got the

1st place!!!

...and a very great discribtion!


We did some herding at Jackie Goulder place, as well as  






Obedience and Agility!



After our lovely holidays there was the next event: A Herding Trial in Czech Republic. I entered Jula and got the mark  "exvellent" 95 points (out of 100) The judge said it was a pity that the Border people, who started the day bevore could not have seen this run, because she was better than a few Border Collies he judged the day before...

- but here you can see it: HERE!!! VIDEO-CLIP JULA!!!





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