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Litter "A" born 14th of June 2011

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parents: Vallarens Ulla Bella x Xancinetti Ducky Jonathan










about the parents:

Vallarens Ulla Bella "BELLA"

Health Test:

  • HD-A  (=free)
  • MDR-1 +/+ (=free)
  • Morbus Addison free (tested Sept. 2010)
  • Inspection of breeding approval (valid till 26th of October 2012)



Xancinetti Ducky Jonathan "MERLIN" 

Health Test:

  • HD-A (=free)
  • MDR-1 +/+ (=free)
  • Inspection of breeding approval (valid till 26th of October 2012)


Merlin has everything we are looking for in a stud dog:

  • a kind, balanced character
  • but very playful and full of energie 
  • he learns fast and has an enormous "will-to-please"
  • he has good pigment and ideal hairquality in optimal lenght
  • he has a great movement
  • and very important for us: he is a great herding dog!

of course we require health (HD-A = free) and a good physical constitution.


 N E W S - - N E W S - - N E W S

Weight-Control litter "A"




9th of September 2011:

CAREER ASPIRATION...     ...I will become...

           STEWARDESS                         LANDSCAPE GARDENER

Abigail on her first flight - to her                        Fozzy: I can already dig holes and water the plants!
new home: Sweden!!!

29. Juli 2011

6 weeks old...

...all our Beardie-Babies have found great new homes and also lovely names:
Mo - Aislinn - Ilvie - April - Maja - Buddy - Marlon-Fozzy - Abigail and Paco

9th of July 2011

Nearly 4 weeks old...

...this week we have figured out, that the world does not end in our puppie-box! And that there are more creatures out there...

The big guy is Robby - the best buddy a little puppie can have! And this snow-white cat is Speedy! He is 18 years old but still a great fella!

     The first time in the garden!!!                           We are beautiful and we know it!

I am sooooo tired - I think I take a little nap on my new pillow!!!!        Kiss my nose sister!!!

I am such a cutie!!!! Ok, you are also cute!!!


Yammie - fresh meat!!! That makes us feel like real wolves!!!      "Please do not disturb"

No, it's not Dad, it's only a friend of Mom!


3rd of July 2011

19 days old...

...and we get more active every day!
At the moment we have such lovely baby-blue eyes, that I am sure, also our Traditional Siamese Cats will be envy! 

"Pack-sleeping" is great with all kind of fellows - but at the moment only our adult Beardies are allowed to rest with the cats! 

Good bye and good night - the next photos will follow next week only!

25th of June 2011

11 days old...

Hallo, we are 11 days old by now. We grow very fast and because we want to be very fast we stopped crawling and try to walk proper!

But afterwards we are very tired and need again some rest!


Also our noses seems to get a bit darker each day:



19th of June 2011

5 days later...

Our puppies are 5 days old by now. On the photo with Bella you can see, that there is a big difference between the weight of the puppies. But all of them are doing fine and gain weight daily. So I suppose in a few more weeks you can not figure out which of them where the big ones...


Our "Brownies"

              Hi, number 8 I am number 2!                           I am not a bit interested in your number!


Our little Ladies:


 15th of June 2011

We are heeeere!!!!

Yesterday was the "big day" for Bella: after 2 1/2 hours she gave birth to 9 little cute puppies!!! 5 boys and 4 girls - colours: black and brown!!! Mother and babies are in good health! More information and better photos follows soon!!! For the moment we give them a little rest and privacy protection


12th of May 2011

Yipppie - "we" are pregnant!!!!

Right back from the vet! And this time we have very good news! Tthe ultrasonic scan showed that this time Bella is pregnant!!!

The vet told us there are at least 5 little ones!!! In approximately one month we know more!!!

To all "Shepherd-Calls" Friends:

Thanks so much for crossing your fingers for us!!!

21st April 2011

In Springtime everything seems to be easier...

...also Bella and Merlin think that way!!! If Bella is pregnant or not, we will figure out only in a few weeks, but they had definitely a good time!!!


5th of April 2011

Bella is very strict...

Since 3 years Bella´s heat always starts on 1st of April! No kidding!

So we have to wait a few days more and hopefully this time the mating will work out well!

...Merlin is already praying...

20th of March 2011

   ...but before they are allowed to be parents...

...once again Merlin & Bella have to prove, that they can also work - this time as a team together! Health, a good body structure, a good temper and a well balanced character are of course not enough for us!

So we tried for the first time sheep herding with Bella & Merlin at the same time:

Bella & Merlin - two "embloyed" dogs ;o)

For the first time it was not that bad! Both of them took their commands, and worked without disturbing one another!


...a picture of Bella & Merlin

was taken short after they have finished another FCI-Herding examination:

"HWT" - Herding Working Test is not so easy to ignore the flock and smile into the camera!!!


Merlin competes successful at the highest herding trial level TS-3 since 2011!!!


Bella passed the examination BGH-1 (obedience beginner class) 




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