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This is the 3rd and last litter of our gorgeous Bella!!!heart

Litter D 

Shepherd Calls Down ...

08th of February 2015

Vallarens Ulla Bella x Porgy Black Shadow of the Unique Shaded Dreams


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Yoda Blue


Puppy News, the whole bunch & trips / Litter D

dogs are listed in chronological order of their birth!

This is the 3rd and last litter of our cute Swede Beardie lady! 

Also for this time we have chosen a new partner for her. A Beardie boy who is not unknown in our kennel, because he has already mated Bellas daughter April, and the two had wonderful puppies togehter - fearless, great instinct, very good pigment, lively but not crazy. So it was for certain, that for her last litter we would chose this great sire again!


Porgy Black Shadow Of The Unique Shaded Dreams "MERLIN"

Advanced Notice, Fall/Winter 2015


We have decided to mate Bella for the 3rd and last time. As far as everything works out planned, we will have puppies during Christmas time 2015 - how wonderful!

We knew for a long time which stud dog to use. It has to be: "Merlin" Porgy Black Shadow of the Unique Shaded Dream!

I was a few times visiting him and admire this dog. Merlin is such a gentle soul, has lovely eyes and works great! Also the look of him was something we fell in love immediately! Than he was the father of our litter-C (mated Bellas daughter April) and the puppies were lovely! So it was clear by now, that for the last litter only Merlin can be the father of those babies!

Of course he had also done all required (and even more) health tests - every single one of it with an excellent result!
  • HD-A ( = free)
  • OCD free
  • ED-A ( = free)
  • what a character!!!

Merlin has an abolutely great beheviour against human (of course also children), other dogs and all kind of animals/pets! He is always friendly and confident, he never shows fear or aggression!

  • Working? Yes, he can!!!

Merlin ist a male with an enormous "will-to-please". He is very nosy and playful, loves to learn and try something new - everything he does he is doing with a lot of joy!

  • great herding instinct:

His biggest hobby is sheep herding. He works very concentrated, takes it seriously, and never take his mind of the sheep and the exercise!

  • Coat & Colour? Just wonderful! 

Merlin is black-white, has a good hard texture, very dark pigment and dark, gently Beardie-eyes! He has only a small part of white - an nature which he also passes to his progeny.

BTW his offsprings have shown blue - black - fawn & brown colours!!!


You are interested in a puppy?

So pls write to: "Info Welpe D-Wurf"


Merlin and his sheep:


Merlin as baby: love his marks - especially at the neck!!! 3 weeks old and completely dark!!!

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