Dog Course.

Another passion of our dogs!

...Jula - only 5 months old and completely focused!!!

...and a few months later fully trained!!!


Jula - fast as lightning

Our breed is not ranked with the other racing hound breeds, but I have to mention that Jula runs faster than Afghan hounds!

...and so she won the title

"Austrian Champion 2007" 


...and her sister Kerrie were the first Bearded Collies in Austria, who did examinations and competitions on a racing ground!


Suddenly it started to snow...

 I think you can see the pure joy doing this sport!

It is a welcome variety for our fast breed!

Video-Clip:     Racing Jula

Passed Examinations of our dogs:

  • KASSIE: Racing badge in bronze
  • JULA:     Racing badge in bronze & silver


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