Bearded Collies have a very fine nose, so it is a very good activity for them. But sometimes it  can be really boring to wait the whole time, till the search can start. In the highest class it takes 3 hours before the dog is allowed to work! So we have decided to stop the training after Kassie reached the highes level = FH-3. She was always very concentrated and worked with a nice style. This is requested for the level "FH-3":

  • search the track of a stranger.
  • 3 hours old.
  • 1.800 steps.
  • 8 straight line, 5x 90° angel, 2 acute angel, 1 bow.
  • 8 items, of different materials.
  • once another stranger crosses the track.
  • the dog has to find the beginning of track in a square of 20x20 meters.

So you see it is really a very nice work in the nature, which built up the concentration and the scent. But you should always have a person with you - not only because the waiting can be very boring, but also because you need another person to lay your track  in level 2 + 3.

Passed Examinations of our dogs:

  • KASSIE:   FH-1 / FH-2 / FH-3.


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