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Our breeding goals... breed healthy dogs with strong nerves, with correct physical structure and coat texture - that means less  hair, easily to comb, with the great Beardie-typical easy moving "stride".

Fearless, friendly, active and agile, togehter with a high "will-to-please" and an excelent herding instinct - exactly in this way we want to keep the Beardie for the future generations!


Not only for herding work, or dog sports, are those characters necessary! Also the normal life is much more easier. And to be honest, isn't it a great pleasure to see when owner and dog built an union, when they totally depend on each other? Nothing is as great as to have a partner on whom you can rely 100%


If you have also such high demands in your dog as we have, it would be nice, if you pay a visit to our dogs and us!


In our opinion breeding does not mean to increase a population! It is a high responsibility! Only the best animals must be picked out and mate! Just in this way it is guaranteed that the breed stays healthy and in their original way. And only with a healthy, active dog you can enjoy many happy years together - with the best human companion!!!





Also Beardies have can "show a bit eye" and have a good style while working the flock!








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