"Litter E" - we expect puppies beginning of 2018!!! April has married Finn!!!

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December 2017

We expect Puppies!!!

End of November April visited her new boyfriend Nessiebluebell Blair Fawn "Finn"  -  and it was love at first sight!
No we have to wait, if April is pregnant! But Finn really gave his best!

We keep you informed!!!

December 2017

Dog Show in Wels

This weekend Shaggy, Summer & Peaches entered two days at a dog show in Wels!

Both days we got the mark "very good" because the jugdes did not like the coat of our dogs!!! It is much to hard and to short, otherwise the dogs would be perfect!!! We laughed so hard, because that is the coat we want to see in our Beardies - short, hard and easy to comb, no need to take care of it every week! So proud that we have archieved our breeding gool in this litter! ...and by the way all 3 of us have now enough show results for breeding!


November 2017

...our Obedience Family grows! 

We are so proud to announce the successed of April * Emily * Peaches!!! At the examination in Perchtoldsdorf the 3 girls showed some great work :

April - Obedience Class 3 - mark "VERY GOOD" -  230 points

Peaches - Obedience Class Beginners - mark "EXCELLENT" - 273,5 points

Emily - Companion Dog BGH-1 - mark "GOOD" - 85 points

October, 2017

County-Champion Obedience BGH-2

Gratulation to Helmut and Dexter!!! They showed a great performance at the obedience class BGH-2 and earned with a

1st place the title County-Champion 2017

We are very proud of you!

September, 2017

Our Family Get-together 2017

June, 2017

Farmertrial, 2 classes, Czech Rep.

This time I had some tough time with my girls and the sheep! But we enjoyed it so much - had some great time and met a lot of our "old" herding friends again!  

Farmclass - lower level:

  • 3rd  PEACHES

Farmclass - higher level:

  • 3rd BELLA

Judge: Zuzana Cerna, CZ.

Thanks to Zuzana and her great team to enable us such a trial!

June, 2017

1st Obedience Examination - PEACHES.

We are proud to report of another great success, this time from obedience sector:

Peaches, aged 16 months, earned - at her first BGH-1 examination - 95 points (mark: "very good") -

she was 2nd best out of 13 competitors!!!

Judge: Christian Steinlechner (AT).

June, 2017

We have some awful good time!!!

Absolutely great sucesses for our Shepherd-Calls Herdingbeardies at the Pentecost Trial, Circle-C-Ranch!

Judge: Mr. Jouko Siitonen, Finnland.

24 dogs of the breeds Aussi, Beauceron, Briard, Sheltie, Tervuere, Groenendael and Bearded Collie, from 5 Nations took part at this event.  

Saturday, Trial Klase 1   [10 competitors]:

1st  - PEACHES -  67 points =  "excellent"
5th  - SUMMER  -  46 points =  "good"


Sonntag, Trial Klase 1   [8 competitors]:

1st - PEACHES -  72 points "excellent"
5th - SUMMER  -  50 points =  "good"

Sonntag, Trial Klase 3  [13 competitors]:

1st - BELLA -    113 points =  "very good"
2nd - APRIL      -  78 points =  "non qualified"

Montag, Trial Klase 2   [5 competitors]:

1st - PEACHES -  88 points "excellent"

Montag, Trial Klase 2   [12 competitors]:

1st - BELLA -    120 points =  "excellent"
8th - APRIL      -  84 points =  "non qualified"


Additional Bella got the following Titles:

  • Best Bearded Collie [out of 13 dogs], and
  • Best Herding Dog of the Weekend [out of 24 dogs]

We are sooo proud of our girls!!!

Dies photo was done by Petra Loibner, Briard Kennel "Donatien Marquies de Sade"  http://www.briard-zucht.at/

April, 2017

Absolutely stunning!!!   Dexter sucesses continues also this year!!!

Obedience class BGH-3  93 poings (out of 100)   3rd place!!!

Big congrats we are so proud of you!!!

April 2017
Our active Beardies.
While Drift had a great weekend with duck herding verbracht hat, Summer und Peaches enjoyed the clinic "Longieren with body language only".


05th of March 2017
International Dog Show in Graz
11 Beardies were shown over there - 5 from us!!!
4 Beardies from out litter  "D" and our Jula!
  • Jula - Veteran Class - Excellent -1, so she got her last "excellent" for the Champion title!  Judge-Statement Jula
  • Sky - Youth class - Excellent -1, unfortunately no title given



First start the day, then fly away!
...a great day starts with friends...                                                                           Sky & Elsa "D-litter"       

...goint to the Vienna Prater - Elsa does not need a ride in the "Big Wheel" to have fun!

 Photo: Schmunzelmonster Pet Photos

06th of Jan. 2017
Twelfth Day Run at ÖGV Münchendorf
It was a cold but very funny outdoor experience! We and our dogs enjoyed the race a lot!!!
Young dogs (13 competitors):
  • 4th place:    Shepherd Calls Down Yoda Blue        -  8.31 Sek.    ...shot behind his sister:
  • 5th place:    Shepherd Calls Down Blue Summer   -  8.34 Sek.    ...and last but not least:
  • 6th place:    Shepherd Calls Down Peaches           -  8.47 Sek.
Aduld dogs (88 Starter):
  • 34th place:    Shepherd Calls Away April                -  7.91 Sek.   
  • 42th place:    Shepherd Calls Brilliant Barbarix       -  8.15 Sek.  
  • 65th place:    Vallarens Ulla Bella                            -  8.60 Sek.

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