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katka leblova hat am 08.12.2017 02:28:01 geschrieben :

Hi, I’m katka leblova from czech rep. i'm a vet and I have 2 years old beardie.Now I’m searching for a fawn or brown girl. Are you expect it? If you want information about me, I glad to send it to you Bye Katka 
Kommentar: Hi Katka,
thanks for writing and beeing interested in our kennel!
Yes, we excpect brown and fawn puppies, but many people are already on our waiting list. To keep you updated I would recommend to send me an e-mail to: "beardie@gmx.at" - thanks in advance, Gerlinde

Hanka a Kresselack (Homepage) hat am 24.03.2012 00:32:37 geschrieben :

in our country we dont have any working beardies so i inspirated by yours videos rl love it!!! yours beardies are really awesome!!! thk you for a great ispiration!!! i hope so we will meet together at some trial some day
good luck and many interesting days with your great beardies!!!
Kommentar: Hi - thanks a lot for your nice comment! We plan to go to trials to Czech Republic also this year - so maybe we have the chance to meet each other!!! Would be great!!!

Diana (Homepage) hat am 26.08.2011 21:28:46 geschrieben :

Au revoir Kassie
Thank you Kassie that we had the honour to pass your last holidays in France together with you and your family. We met you as a real 'Madame la Présidente' and you were more than a worthy representive of all our beloved Beardies. Thank you, you wonderful lady!

Sussie (Homepage) hat am 15.06.2011 12:39:47 geschrieben :

Big CONGRATULATIONS to Bella's pups and good luck with the smallest ones - I really hope they will make it!

Please keep me updated
Kommentar: Hi Sussi - thanks for your wishes - and I am very positiv they will! All of them put on weight - I have put a weight-controll-list online, there you can see how much the gain on weight - I will update it weekly!!!
so long,

Sussie (Homepage) hat am 12.05.2011 14:25:45 geschrieben :

This time I'll just repeat the message I wrote 6 months ago Congratulations to your pregnant girl. Now we can continue to keep our fingers crossed for a little girlfriend to Fletcher
Best regard,
Sussie & the Boomtown bunch.
Kommentar: Hi Sussi!
Thanks a lot! Cross our fingers to have a bunch of healthy Beardie-puppies!

Sussie Paakkinen (Homepage) hat am 01.12.2010 21:53:22 geschrieben :

I guess the ultrasound showed what we are looking forward to
Now its time to plan the trip to Austria!

Best regards,
Kommentar: ...sorry, to have no good news - but a trip in summer can also be lovely

Zuzka (Homepage) hat am 10.06.2010 13:11:14 geschrieben :

Greetings from the Czech Republic!
We wish you and your dogs many, many accomplishments in all sports, the most in herding and we wish your kennel many nice and clever puppies

Zuza and cardigans
Kommentar: Dear Zuza, thanks - hope we meet soon at a trail again

Kriszta Heger (Homepage) hat am 09.06.2010 12:07:58 geschrieben :

your goals
Congratulations to the idea! Good luck and make it happen!
Kommentar: I think time is changing - people do not think only about a fury dog, when they talk about Beardies, but more and more about their workability!

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