A nice team work, with many interesting tasks! Exactly the right job for our clever and smart Baerdies!

Jula & Bella: heel work - with and without leash at the
Beardie-Working-Test 2010 in Czech Republic.

Beardies can and want to do something also in high age!
Kassie: 14 years old and still eager!

5 minutes "lay down" out of handlers sight at a foreign place - no problem for our dogs!!!

Julchen at the first level BGH-1 Prüfung, und her Obedience examination "GH-1".

mark: "excellent"



  • Bella:   
    Beardie-Working-Test level 1-3 (done at one day - mark "excellent") **)
  • Jula:    
    Companion Dog 1-3, internationale Obedience examination: 1-2,
    Beardie-Working-Test level 1-4 (done at one weekend all levels "excellent"!!!) **)
  • Kassie:
    Companion Dog 1-3, internationale Obedience examination: 1-3,
    Beardie-Working-Test level  1 - done at the age of 14 mark  "vorzüglich"!!!

 **) only 7 dogs out of 46 could reach level 3,  and only  2 dogs managed level 4!!!


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