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L I T T E R     " B " 

                                      born 21-02.2013

Vallarens Ulla Bella x Xano Black Kimmy von der Silbermine

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dogs are listed in chronological order of their birth!

21. Februar 2013

They arrived!!!!

Our litter "B"    --     "Shepherd Calls Brilliant"    --    is born!!!

...well done Bella! She gave birth to 8 puppies - 5 boys and 3 girls, all black and healthy Babies  in the early morning today!!!

photo: 1st day.


Litter "B" - 1st visit at Daddy´s & going shopping

Litter "B" - who-is-who

Litter "B" - trip to Vienna

Litter "B" - trip to our sheep

Litter "B" 6th week

Litter "B" 5th week

Litter "B" 4th week

Litter "B" 3rd week

Litter "B" - 2nd week

Litter "B" - 1st week






Right back from the vet with some awful good news: Bella is pregnant.

We expect to arrive the puppies approx. 19.02.2013!!!


we are proud to announce the official "engagement" of:

Vallarens Ulla Bella  &  Xano Black Kimmy von der Silbermine 


Xano Black Kimmy von der Silbermine                          

Advance notice, Jannuary 2012.

We have decided to breed our Bella late fall 2012 again. That means, if everything will work out fine, our puppies of the litter "B" are looking for a new home in February/March 2013.

After searching and thinking alot about our next stud dog, and we are sure, that we found the perfect dog for our breeding program:

  • HD-A (= free)
  • very good and balanced mind and character
    he is afraid of nothing - and he is also absolut shoot-proof!!!
  • an enormous "will-to-please"
    he is a great working dog, easy to handle, always eager to learn something new, he learns very quick and would do everything to statisfy the handler, though he is a big guy we have never seen another Beardie as fast and agile as him.
  • outstanding herding ability
    only after a few training sessions he was able to do an official herding examination according to FCI rules. He is extremely focused at sheep, and though he is that eager to work, he works perfect together as a teammate and devoted partner to his shepherd.
  • coat: extremely short
    very easy and seldom to comb, nothing what you would prefer to see in the show ring.
  • perfect angles and dentition
  • very strong and good pigment
  • BH-examination
    obedience combined with character test.
  • ...and of course he has the funny, bright and keen, always friendly Beardie-nature.



Here he is still a baby, but hopfully soon a Daddy!


...more details will follow later...



puppies of our litter "A" below:



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